Eco-Friendly & Compostable Products

Go green with Allen Paper Supply’s extensive line of bio-degradable, environmentally friendly products and solutions. Green is not just a color, its a mindset. Ask us how we can help make your office, school, food-service business, maintenance facility, or home more environmentally responsible.

We offer full lines of environmentally conscious products, from cups, plates, and utensils to compostable food packaging and waste removal goods. In the facility maintenance sector, APS carries an assortment of eco-friendly chemical compounds, disinfectants, and cleaners; all with the lowest toxicity ratings for humans and animals. Allen Paper Supply can deliver on all your environmentally responsible requirements for your 21st century facility management needs.

Started by the Mosso family over 70 years ago, Allen Paper Supply has successfully navigated the business and municipal supply market by committing to great customer service, prompt delivery, and a tireless drive to support our customers. We believe in the products we sell because we use them in our own homes. You can trust that if you’re not satisfied, we will find you a product that fits your needs!